What is Donkeybook?

Donkeybook is a funny experience to kids for learning English. Those kids that don't have any chance to learn languages properly in the Colombian countryside.

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Who believes in Donkeybook?

Donkeybook was the winner of tv proposal in Japan prize 2015. Among of 300 proposals around the world, in the beginning, it was chosen with five projects. It travelled to Japan to presented the project and it won. In 2016, it travelled again to show the pilot: Pepe the guacamaya, the first episode of the tv series.

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What does Donkeybook want to be?

Donkeybook wants to be an immersive fun game for mobiles and tablets. Also, it wants to cover places far away and every kid that doesn't have the same opportunities than others. We know that is an ambitious project. However, at the same time, we know that is possible with your help!

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Welcome to

The target is children from 6 to 9 years old. This animated program is to support the teaching process. Teaching English to children, in a friendlier manner, as a second language. The material of teaching English comes from different country such as USA,UK, etc. We found the content is not familiar to children and this is an issue for their learning.

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  • Kids in Boyacá
    They are living two hours after Tunja (the largest city in Boyaca). It was the first workshop before the creation of the first episode of Donkeybook. We worked with kids between 5 to 11 years old.
  • Kids in Bogotá and Cartagena
    We worked with kids between 5 and 7 years old. They watched the first episode of Donkeybook. They loved the characters of Donkey, Pepe (the guacamaya) and the Ratón.

Our goal

We want to bring the gap between the farmer kids that don't have the opportunities to learn a second language and a fun way to learn English through the games and friendly activities. Donkeybook is a transmedia project:

Tv series

The story has 10 episodes about culture, nature and music from Colombia.

Mobile game

From a detective game, some of the characters from tv series come to an amazing adventure game to mobiles.


Some of the adventures will be on ebooks to empowering kids through the lecture.

Board game

This is for sharing with family at home.


We want to support our project in the future. Selling mugs, t-shirts, notebooks, plush dolls, etc.

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Years in workshops.


English fluent teachers that support the project.


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Latest workshops

Juan Agustín Calle

He is six years old. He liked very much the first episode of Donkeybook. His favorite character was Pepe the guacamaya.

Juanita Pedraza

She is five years old. She liked a lot the first episode of Dokeybook. Her favorite character was the Raton.

Luisa Rodríguez

She is seven years old. She liked the first episode of Dokeybook. Her favorite character was Donkey.

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